The Irish girl had never been into a bar before, and she asked the barman to recommend a drink.
"Try this", he suggested, and mixed her up a dry martini.
She thought it was great, but an hour and six martinis later, she was asleep on the floor, dead drunk.
The barman asked a couple of regulars to help him carry her out to the back room, where one of them suggested that they give her a quickie while she was out cold.
Next night, she returned to the bar and got stuck into the martinis again. As before, she finished up dead drunk. The same three carried her out the back and bonked her again. This went on for a week.
When she came back on the eight night, the barman started mixing the martinis as soon as she walked through the door.
"I'll have a scoth tonight!", she said. "Those martinis make my cunt sore!"

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