She was gazing in the window of the shoe shop, admiring a beautiful pair of black Italian stiletto heeled shoes, priced far beyong her capacity to pay.
The shoe salesman in the shop beckoned her in. "You can have those shoes if you come to bed with me", he said.
"O.K.", she replied, "but I should tell you, I don't like sex very much."
He gave her the shoes and they booked into a motel room. They took off their clothes and jumped into bed. He humped away while she lay passively, missionary style. Suddenly, she threww her legs up into the air and cried,
"Wonderful!.....Beautiful!..... Oh my God, so lovely!....."
"I thought you didn't like sex", he panted.
"I don't", she replied, "I'm just admiring my beautiful new shoes."

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