* The hole closed on him before he could penetrate it.

* He came at his blind side and got him from behind.

* He’s off to the sidelines for a quick blow!

* It’s a game of inches.

* That hole was so big, you could drive a truck through it.

* When you get down in this area, you gotta just start pounding it.

* He’s gonna feel that one tomorrow.

* He found his tight end.

* End around!

* He had to stretch to get it in!

* He gets penetration into the backfield!

* He blows them off (at the line)!

* He bangs it in!

* He could go all the way!

* He gets it off just in time!

* He goes deep!

* He found a hole and slid through it!

* He pounds it in!

* He beats them off (the line)

* He’s got great hands!

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