Nithari killing has been proved as the most horrific incident since long in Independent India. More than 30 children were killed and their dead bodies were cut in several parts. There are so many speculations coming to media that the main accused Surendra raped the children.

The speculations are on that he even has a habit to have sex with the dead bodies of children.This sounds so horrific that Surendra has a habit to eat the organs of the dead bodies of the children. This is the most possible cause that why torsos of the bodies have not been found.

The TOI has reported that Surendra have confessed that he has eaten the liver, ostensibly for body heat. He has also confessed about the process to cut the bodies by decapitating and then slitting them down the middle to reach the organs. The post-mortem reports reveal that, bodies seemed to have been expertly cut with the precision of butchers.

Sexual cannibalism

Sexual cannibalism is considered to be a psychosexual disorder, which involves a person sexualizing the consumption of another person's flesh. This does not necessarily suggest that the cannibal achieves sexual gratification only in the act of consuming human flesh, but also may release sexual frustration or pent up anger. Sexual cannibalism is considered to be a form of sexual sadism and is often associated with the act of necrophilia (sex with corpses). There have been several high profile cases, which have involved sexual cannibalism, including that of Andrei Chikatilo, Edward Gein, Albert Fish, Armin M and Jeffrey Dahmer.

During the 1920's Americans were confronted with the horrors of Albert Fish who was said to have raped, murdered and eaten a number of children. Fish was a sexual cannibal in the truest sense of the term and claimed to have experienced enormous sexual pleasure when he imagined eating a person or when he actually indulged his fantasies.

Andrei Chikatilo, a Russian serial killer, was responsible for the murders of scores of young boys and girls. During most of his life, Chikalito suffered from impotency and was only able to achieve sexual gratification from the torture and murder of other people. He would often mutilate and then consume the flesh of his victims, including the breasts, genitalia and internal sex organs, as well as other body parts. It is possible that he also achieved sexual gratification when cannibalizing. Chikatilo claimed that he was disgusted by the "loose morals" of many of his victims, who served as painful reminders of his own sexual incompetence. Moira Martingale writes in Cannibal Killers that many of the murders Chikatilo committed came after viewing sexually explicit or violent videos.

Edward Gene - a cannibal
Edward Gein, a farmer from Plainfield, Wisconsin was as believed to have killed at least three people including his brother, a bar keeper named Mary Hogan and the owner of the local hardware store, Bernice Worden. In 1957, police searched Gein's home and found the body of Worden along with the remains of over fifteen other women. A majority of the remains found at the crime scene were robbed from a nearby cemetery. Gein was believed to have had sexual contact with the corpses.

He was also an admitted transvestite, who found delight in dismembering the bodies and peeling away the skin of the corpses so that he could wear them around the house. Gein was known to have cannibalized some of the bodies, including Worden's whose heart was in a pan on the stove at the time police conducted their search of the house. Whether Gein sexualized the consumption of his victims was unclear. However, there was a strong relationship between his necrophilia and cannibalistic behavior.

More about sexual cannibalism
Intriguingly, some people that claim to be cannibals have admitted to feeling a sense of euphoria and/or intense sexual stimulation when consuming human flesh. In an article written by Clara Bruce titled Chew On This: You're What's for Dinner, anthropophagists compared eating human flesh with having an orgasm. The experience was further believed to cause an out-of-body-experience causing effects comparable to taking mescaline.

According to Lesley Hensel, author of Cannibalism as a Sexual Disorder, eating human flesh can cause an increase in levels of vitamin A and amino acids, which can cause a chemical effect on the blood and in the brain. This chemical reaction could possibly lead to the altered states that some cannibals have claimed to have experienced. However, this theory has not been substantiated by scientific evidence.

In Fascination with Cannibalism has Sexual Roots, Josh Cannon writes about psychologist Steven Scher and his team who conducted one of the only known studies on sex and cannibalism at Eastern Illinois University in 2002. The study surveyed several groups of people who were asked questions pertaining to cannibalism and sexual interests. The results of the study found that people were more likely to eat someone that they were sexually attracted to than not. This suggests that there might be a significant sexual component in the practice of cannibalism.

Definitely it is an extremely horrible incident and imagine that it had been happening there since so long. Just because the victims (or the lost children) were members of poor or not so influential families, the matter of their disappearance was not investigated.On the otherhand, the latest reports of CBI investigation reveal that skeletons, body parts and belongings of those who had been killed, are continously being recovered from nearby ponds and ditches. So there is no idea how many more they will find.

I believe the mystery is much more deeper than what is being shown.. imagine how can the entire system remain aloof when such sudden and mysterious happening of disappearences of children were occuring since such a long time and the reports of missing children being lodged- all from same place and in the same area..the entire system is corrupt. They are only talking more about Surendra... what about his master... his role is not being highlighted much... Everything seems to be too fishy....

Albert Fish- another american cannibal
Albert Fish was remorseless torturer, murderer, necrophile, and cannibal. During the 1920s, he raped, killed and ate part of the flesh of at least 15 little girls. He claimed to prefer the taste of virgins. He sent cruel letters to the parents of his victims saying how delicious they were, and one of these notes also claimed he learned cannibalism from a sea captain who told him the practice of eating children was common in Hong Kong during times of famine. Most modern authorities believe Fish was mostly a sadomasochist, however. When authorities tried to electrocute him in 1936, he had so many needles self-inserted inside his body that he short-circuited the electric chair.

Recent CBI report.....
Now the CBI team has given almost a clean chit to the master accusing him only of certain minor charges while the servant hs been held responsible for everything.. Do you people think its possible, atleast I dont think so.. everything was taking place in Moninder singh's home that too crimes like child abuse, murder rape and chopping of dead bodies and even eating their cooked or uncooked flesh...and he was unaware.. simply impossible.. Definitely this shows that even a top investigating agency like CBI is also becoming a puppet under the influence of power and money...

More about nithari murders
The call girl was the only adult victim in the string of serial murders. Young girls constituted the majority of victims. Post mortem reports of the 17 sets of skulls and bones recovered showed that 11 of the killed were girls. The top doctors of the Noida Government Hospital revealed that there was a "butcher-like precision" in the chopping of the bodies.The post mortem reports revealed that there had been a pattern in the killings.A gory revelation was made by the AIIMS on February 06, 2007. It was also concluded that there were 19 skulls in all, 16 complete and 3 damaged. The bodies had been cut into three pieces before being disposed off by the servant Surender Koli. The CBI sources said that the manservant, after strangulating the victims, used to severe their head and throw it in the drain behind the house of his employer. Sources also revealed that he used to keep the viscera in a polythene bag before disposing it off in a drain, so as to prevent detection. The skulls and the other bio-material remains were forwarded to the Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics, Hyderabad for further profiling

Prime witness turning Hostile
In a deposition that may help Nithari serial killings accused Moninder Singh Pandher, the father of a victim on Thursday withdrew in court his statements that led to registration of a case of conspiracy against him. The deposition was made by Nand Lal, father of 22-year-old Payal, during cross-examination by the defence counsel in the court of CBI judge Rama Jain.

Of a total of 19 Nithari cases, CBI has filed chargesheets in 11 cases, giving a clean chit to Pandher, who was a Noida businessman.

Guys can you see how crippled our law system has become in this case....HOPE THE DEAD GET JUSTICE....

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