Most eminent Muslim astrononers include Al-Battani,Al-Sufi,Al- Biruni , and Ibn Yunus.Al-Battani(d 929)known to Europe as Albategni or Albatenius was the author of the Sabian tables (al-Zij al Sabi),a work which had great impact on his successors , Muslim and Christian .
His improved tables of the orbits of the sun and the moon comprise his discovery that the direction of the sun's eccentric as recorded by Ptolemy was changing.

This in modern astronomy, means the earth moving in varying ellipse.He also worked on the timings of the new moons , the length of the solar and sideral year, the prediction of eclipses , and the phenomenon of parallex , carrying us to the verge of relativity and space.

Al-Battani was also a pioneer in the feild of trigonometry .He was among the first to use trigonometric ratios.

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