Welcome your child in the correct Islamic manner

There are many sunnahs relating to the newborn:
1) The Adhân being recited to the child soon after the birth so that it is the first thing the child hears.

2) Tahnîk: rubbing a small piece of softened date or something sweet on the palate of the newborn.

3) Shaving the hair of the newborn on the seventh day and giving the value of its weight in silver to charity.

4) Announce the good news of the birth to family and friends and you will see that everyone is happy when they hear of the birth of a new Muslim child!

5) The Aqîqah is a strong Sunnah and many scholars regard it as an obligation upon the parents and it is the slaughtering of two sheep or goats for a boy and one sheep or goat for a girl preferably on the seventh day. The Prophet ( sallallâhu alaihi wa sallam) is reported to have said:
“The Aqîqah is a right (upon you). (Slaughter) for a boy two compatible sheep, and for a girl: one”. (Ahmad and others.)[1]

6) A good name is one of the rights of the child. Good names are those which are known to be pleasing to Allâh and approved by His Messenger or acceptable to the scholars of Islam. Recommended names are those that show servitude to Allâh: Abdullah, Abdurrahmân etc. The names of the Prophets and Sahâbah and the pious people before us will also have a good effect on the childs psyche.

7) Circumcision: If you have a son, get him circumcised on the seventh day or as soon as you can so as not to cause the child discomfort. It’s good to get a personal recommendation when looking for a Doctor and the procedure is a very easy one and local anesthetic is usually used. Usually healing takes a week or two.

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