It has many benefits:

1-Keep the nose which the normal breathing way open all times and no mouth breathing which means:

-The inspired air is clean of dust and any other foreign bodies.

-Of normal temperature/ not very cold and not very hot.

-Of normal humidity and/ not dry.

2-The water passing through the nose seems to have an effect on the orifices of the nasal sinuses which keep them open, also stimulating these sinuses to empty their secretion, preventing their acute and chronic infection.

3-The passing of the water up to the mouth has a cleansing effect on the pharynx and the tonsils preventing their inflammation. Treating the acute and preventing the chronic one.

4-This action seems to increase the resistance of the mucous membrane to infection by common cold viruses, And even when an infection by these viruses established it is not going to last more than a day or two.

5-It reduce the allergic reaction of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity reducing the nasal polyps formation which could be as a result of an allergy reaction.

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