First:Fire - Type: intuition. That are related to the Aries ,Lion and Sagittarius signs.
Citric and wood perfumes. The people of this healthy type usually active, restless and expansible. They are full of trust and enthusiasm. This type has an inexhaustible energy and a productive character. They defend their point of view with rigidity, constancy and courage. They have some touch lack and to despise the feelings of the other ones.They don't support routines and they are always tuned in the future.

Second:Earth - Type: perception or sensation. That are related to the Bull , Virgo and Capricorn signs.
Floral perfumes and wood perfumes.They are here and the now,on the material world and tangible reality,as the most important references for the people that have that personality type.They are practical, diligent and persevering and, for that,they get to take obstinately to their main objectives.

Third: Element: Air - psychological Type: reason or thought. That are related to the Twins , Libra and Aquarius signs.
Citric and sweet perfumes. They have tendency to conventional patterns and great work capacity and concentration.Your behavior is friendly, harmonious and pleasant. They are flexible in thought and in language. Your characteristic principal is to develop the thoughts and to correlate them, being able to or not to organize them objectively

Fourth: Element: Water - psychological Type: feeling. That are related to the Cancer , Scorpion and Piscis signs.
Sweet and Flower perfumes. Feelings and deep emotions are typical of the people related to that type, that is expressed with uncertainties and instabilities. As they don't get to rationalize what they feel, they depend on the acceptance of their random attitude, and act on receptivity and natural empathy basis. They shape to the outside with easiness to different situations and people, just like the water to the bottle. The peacefulness is fundamental for their emotional balance

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