Over the past few years, there have been more and more stories and sightings surfacing into the mainstream telling of strange “shadow men:” Shadows with intelligence, with the ability to move on their own. They often are seen as a quick, fleeting shadow out of the corner of your eye, like they don’t want to be seen.

The most common explanation made by skeptics is that it is the imagination running away with people. Another explanation is that they could possibly be ghosts. The shadow people seem to vary from ghost phenomenon however. Ghost apparitions almost always appear in a white vaporish form with a decidedly human appearance. Clothes are usually discernable. Shadow men, however, only appear as the outline of a human with no detailed appearance. Numerous people have also reported being able to make out red eyes on these shadow men. This may be sparked by the imagination of people in a society where black means evil, and red eyes are associated with possession and demons.

Others speculate that they are otherworldly beings that are casting a shadow because they are made of material too dense for light to pass through. They state that it is possible because orbs and vortices occasionally cast shadows in pictures and tapes.

Shadow People, also known as Shadow Folk, or Shadow Beings, are usually attracted to one person or location for unknown reasons. Often they are seen as dark silhouettes of human-shape, generally male, that prefer to watch someone unseen and flee the moment they are noticed. Still this doesn't always fit the experience. While some people distinctly see a shadowy human form others have dexcribed shapeless wispy black blobs and swirling columns of dark smoke.

The personalities or characteristics of shadow people range greatly from shy and skittish to downright nasty and malevelent, with a few witnesses describing them as the ultimate essence of pure evil. Accounts of shadow people have been reported all over the world. There has been an increase of reported sightings of these creatures within the last five to ten years, though there is anectdotal evidence of these creatures appearing before human witnesses through out our history.

Reports of shadow people are in many respects different from accounts of ghosts. Ghosts are said to be the disembodied spirits of deceased people and are usually said to take on the appearance and characteristics of human beings. Orbs of light, ectoplasm and glowing mists have also been associated with ghost sightings. None of which is common he occurance of shadow people. Although many accounts describe shadow beings as having human-like form, they are generally not described as resembling actual individuals , living or deceased. It is unheard of in my experience that shadow people ever communicate verbally with witnesses. Feelings of dread, intense fear or panic and paralysis have been ascribed to the expereince of wtnessing a shadow person.

The more consistent accounts of shadow people typically describe a feeling of dread associated with the presence of this phenomena, and animals are said to react to the phenomena with fear and hostility. Shadow Beings are said to move extremely fast and travel through solid matter. They typically are said to have no discernible features such as mouths, noses, or eyes. Their forms are usually described as somewhat thin or smoke-like

Direct visual contact is rarely reported by most eye witnesses of shadow people; they are said to usually disappear before they can be seen clearly, and are seen "in the corner of one's eye. These beings are said to often appear in mirrors.

Types of Shadow People
1. Human Shaped Shadow People

These entities are described as generally humanoid in shape and size. Anatomical details such as ears, eyes, nose, hair and hands are missing from the descriptionvof these experences.When asked, witnesses ususally attribute a male characteristic to these figures. The shadow form is semi-transparent and dark. The duration of the sighting of this type of shadow person varies among reports but is usually stated as between two and five seconds. In many cases witnesses decribe the sense of being watced, looking up to see if someone is in the room and discovering the shadow person observing them. Once noticed, the shadow person seems to flee quite rapidly, sometimes traveling through walls or closed doors.

2. The Black Smoke or Black Mist Shadow Person

At first it may seem odd to label these entities as "people" but in manycases witnessnes that have encountered these beings have described them as having intelligent characteristics and reactions to events. Strangely, many of the encounters with the black smoke shadow beings have been associated with overwhelming feelings of dread and malevelonce, much more so than the expereinces arelated to the human shaped variety

3. The Hat Man
While the experiences and description of this type of entity closely matches that of the plain shadow person there are noticable differences. The most notable and obvious being the inclusion of a wide brimmed hat in witness descriptions.

4. The Shadow Animals
Sightings of these creatures have discribed vaguely animal like creatures of a dark and semi transparent appearnace. Many witnesses have described these beings as being roughly rabbit or guinea pig sized. These creatures have been witnessed indoors and outside equally and exhibit some of the otherwordly qualities of other types of shadow beings

5.The Peeking Shadow
This phenomena has been described as a vaguely child sized, shadowy, human form which appears to peek arround corners and quickly vanishes when noticed. Many who have witnessed these mysterious shadow forms describe seeing them through peripheral vision, out of the corner of the eye. Like other shadow people, a sense of curiosity has been attached to these creatures

6. The Red Eyed Shadow
Perhaps the most frightening of all shadow people experiences is that of the red eyed shadow. This form of shadow person is described as having glowing red eyes which cause the viewer to feel paralysis and extreme terror. They have been described as the embodiment of pure evil.

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