Many believe that we live in a world in which the thin veil between the living and the dead is easily broken. If this is true, does it mean that death is not the end of our existence? Are there really poltergeists and spirits? And do we visit our nearest and dearest after we’ve died to let them know that we’re ok?

Some believe that malevolent demons are only expelled through exorcism and others that human emotions can be captured in the fabric of our surroundings. Discover the Spirit World, its history and theories.

Anne Boleyn’s ghost holds the record for most sightings. Since her execution in 1536, she’s been spotted 30,000 times in 120 locations.

Ghost history
Whether we choose to believe or not in ghosts and spirits, there is no denying that we only have to look through history to find a wide range of spooky encounters.

In the 1st century AD, a ghost was reported to haunt a house in Athens belonging to Pliny the Younger. According to Pliny the ghost would rattle chains and take the form of an old man with a beard.

The first poltergeist was recorded in 856AD at a farmhouse on the banks of the River Rhine in Germany. The spirit tormented the family by throwing stones, banging on walls and making fires. Even when several priests armed with holy relics came to visit, it sent them packing with a hale of stones.

Sightings of spectral armies after key English Civil War battles were reported in contemporary sources, similar accounts also came from Gettysburg, The Somme and Gallipoli.

The last two hundred years has seen a huge increase of interest in science but also in the spirit world. It seems that no matter how much we progress, we have a natural interest in ghost.

Signs of Death

One of the most frequently reported ghosts are apparitions of the dying or recently deceased. As well as breaking ties with the physical world, this type of encounter seems to be a final farewell.

In 1700’s Boston, America a young Englishman wrote to his friend in England about the whereabouts of his brother. Three days earlier the man had seen his brother's apparition in his bedroom looking deathly pale, with a bloodied napkin on his head. He felt that something terrible must have happened. Indeed it had; three days earlier his brother had been hit over the head with a poker and a fractured skull had caused his death. There was no other way that the Boston based brother could have known about his brother’s untimely death in England.

In certain villages in China it is believed that a father will appear to his son, 90 days after he dies. Indeed one son was so scared of his father’s return that he decided to take a plane flight with the hope that it would stop the visitation. However on visiting the toilet he noticed his father standing behind him for a few brief moments, in the mirror.


It was only a matter of time before researchers began to apply modern technology to the investigation of spirits. Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) uses televisions to capture images from those who have passed away. Users of ITC believe they are capturing evidence from the other side.

German ITC researcher Klaus Schreiber gathered images of alleged spirits by using a video camera aimed at a television and fed the output of the video camera back into the TV. The continual loop would often show faces emerging from the mist. During one session an image of Austrian actress Romy Schneider appeared several years after her death.

Another strange example from Sweden occurred during the burial of Friedrich Juergenson, when an ITC researcher saw an image of a man appear on his TV. He photographed it and discovered after intensive research it was in fact Juergenson.

ITC is not limited to using the television alone; researchers are now using radios, computers, telephones and even fax machines. The application of technology is purely to obtain meaningful information such as voices, images and text.

After a decade of research into the evidence, scientists are finding it hard to simply dismiss this phenomenon.

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