Chewing gum
Children of North America spend approx. 1 billion dollars on chewing gum annualy.

we blink
We blink our eye 10,000,000 times in a year. Women blink twice as fast as men.

Dogs in US
There are more than 58 million dogs in United states alone.

On an average, a man laughs 13 times a day.

More than 10 lakh trees came into existance in this world, due to squirrels. Beacause they bury the seeds in the ground, after eating the fruit & forget about it.

It requires intensive attentive labor and well over 4,600 Crocus flowers (Purple Saffron Flowers) to make a single ounce of SAFFRON. The female crocus stigma (the flower's red antenna) must be hand picked individually, then properly dry cured. THATS WHY, saffron is so expensive!

Joke : paris hilton
How does Paris Hilton change a lightbulb?
She just holds the lightbulb in the socket and waits for the world to revolve around her!

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