vulnerable or pregnable or weak point of someone or something
main limitation or, main mistake
Greek origin

got this intrestin facts abt d word from other thats not ma work its jus wat i read or say jus take a look over

"Nepoleons worst mistake was to invade Russia,cos cold winter proved to be Achillis heel".

According to Greek mythology Achillis was invincible.Any sword or arrow cant do any harm to him ( bole to aisa Vardan tha ! )

Its because after his birth his mother gave him bath in the holy river Styx holding his heels wid her one hand( bole to usko pani me ulta latka diya !! he he !
So the body part which touched to water became invulnerable, but the heel was in her mothers hand, (like ravans vulnerable point was his belly button.....(navel)...)
he was invincible but finally died when he was arrowed poison at heel by king of troy ( and that to when king was guided by god apolo. )

guess u people have heard the same story of Duryodhan , he was asked by her mother ( Gandhari ) to come without any cloths in front of her,
(she was a patiwrata, as her husband(Dhritrashtra - king) was blind, so she also decided to wear black strip on her eyes ! ) so it was belived that her patibhakti will make duryodhan immune to attack when he was watched naked by her,,

But but but, hamare krishn ji ,
He advised duryodhan to wear leaves. ( kripya thodi lajja rakhe aur nagn na jaye... ) by telling that “she asked u not to wear cloths, so wear leaf..and he was shy too to be seen naked by her mother.....(haha)

And finally invincible duryodhan died when he was attack by Bhima s gaada on his thighs, he died cos he was attack at the region which was hidden under leaves !!

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