Three buddies are walking home from Fenway Park when they notice a woman's naked body sticking out from under a row of hedges. As they waited for the authorities, a nosey crowd had gathered.To protect the dead woman's dignity they decided to cover her private parts with their ballcaps. The first guy placed his Red Sox cap over her left breast, the second guy placed his Cubs cap over her right breast and the third guy placed his Yankees cap over her vagina.
When the authorites arrived, a detective walked over to the body and removed the cap from her left breast and jotted down some notes, he did the same with the cap on her right breast.
He then removed the third cap from her vagina and began jamming two fingers in and out which he then followed up by taking a big whiff of his fingers. The crowd of onlookers was horrified. One of them shouted hey buddy what are you some kind of sicko pervert!! To which the detective replied I just had to be sure, because every other Yankees cap I have ever seen, has always had an ASSHOLE under it!!!

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