Superman was flying above cartoon land, and noticed that he was really horny. So he tried to get some action.

Along came spiderman.

"-Spiderman? Who´s the best fuck in cartoonland?" asked Superman.
"-Wonderwoman, of course." He replied.
They continued about on their journeys.

after that Superman met Batman.

"-Batman, who´s the best fuck in cartoonland?" asked Superman again.
"Wonderwoman, of course." He answered.

They went their separate ways, as superman was feeling even more hornier.
When he looked down, he saw Wonderwoman laying naked on the field. He thought to himself... "Hell, im faster than the speeding bullet. I´ll just go down, do my business, and nobody will know."

And so he did...

"-WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?" Asked wonderwoman.
"-I don´t know, but my ass is killing me!" Answered the Invisible Man.

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