Is it genetic, hormonal, biological, or cultural conditioning? Do serial killers have any control over their desires? We all experience rage and inappropriate sexual instincts, yet we have some sort of internal cage that keeps our inner monsters locked up. Call it morality or social programming, these internal blockades have long since been trampled down in the psychopathic killer. Not only have they let loose the monster within, they are virtual slaves to its beastly appetites. What sets them apart?

Serial killers have tested out a number of excuses for their behavior. Henry Lee Lucas blamed his upbringing; others like Jeffrey Dahmer say that they were born with a "part" of them missing. Ted Bundy claimed pornography made him do it. Herbert Mullin, Santa Cruz killer of thirteen, blamed the voices in his head that told him it was time to "sing the die song." The ruthless Carl Panzram swore that prison turned him into a monster, while Bobby Joe Long said a motorcycle accident made him hypersexual and eventually a serial lust killer. The most psychopathic, like John Wayne Gacy, turn the blame around and boast that the victims deserved to die.

There is a movie named 'Citizen X' which is taken from a real life incident where a serial killer in the erstwhile soviet union killed children for over 10 years thanks to the mismanagement of the then communist regime before he was caught. For anyone interested in the subject its a must watch.

Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, David Berkowitz, John Wayne Gacy Jr., Jeffrey Dahmer, and Jack the Ripper are all infamous serial killers of the twentieth century whose behavior and personal background has been 'studied' by the media and psychiatrists. In many cases of serial killings, the behavior is influenced by either the past experiences/ backgrounds or the psychological processes of the serial killers. However, there is a difficulty in understanding the psyche of a serial killer, which means that only interpretations can be made regarding this topic.

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