Psychic attack destroys the quality of peoples' lives. It can take many forms involving both living beings, active attack, or by passive energies, passive attack.There are two types of psychic attack which we must be aware of; one is attack by the living, the other attack by spirit. A psychic attack is an attack on your aura without your conscious permission

Active attack is where one is stalked or fed upon by other beings. There are many categories, but essentially they have similar or common goals. This form of attack often manifests very quickly and can result initially in a ferocious headache for no apparent reason. As the entity feeds and drains the person of their energy, they become ever more debilitated. If the source of the attack continues to stay with the person, aura damage can result, causing anxiety or panic attacks.

Passive forms of attack are where energy may be absorbed accidentally, which then blocks up the subtle energy system of a person and brings about a type of energy suffocation, where the chakras cannot breathe. Thought forms can cling to the aura, reducing the effectiveness of the energy system and leading indirectly to many difficulties moving into the life, through an inability to resolve them. In effect this is lowering the vibration of a person and thereby lower vibrational people and situations are attracted towards them. This type of attack can also limit and distort one's reality or picture of life. Passive attack tends to create a negative magnetic attraction around a person which consistently brings more and more negativity into the life. Healers need to pay particular attention to this type of energy as they can pick it up from successive clients and it can accumulate in their energy system in layers.

Attack can be deliberately targeted at a person or family via thought forms or more specific spellcraft, witchcraft, voodoo, juju or energy manipulation of any sort. This can involve the opening of inter-dimensional doorways which release harmful energies or beings which then attack the person in many different ways and on many levels. Essentially taking as much of your energy as they need, in order to raise their own energetic level. This type of attack is very common in some African, Asian and other cultures, where there can be much knowledge of energetic manipulation. In China many people use the power of Feng Shui in this way against their enemies and even neighbours. Unfortunately, where there is power, people will always misuse it.

Symptoms of psychic attack
The symptoms of a Psychic attack can always be explained as something else, and quite honestly if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms it is more likely to be a medical complaint than a psychic attack, but its better to be safe than sorry....

1. Unexplainable or consistent Tiredness
2. Violent or Threatening Nightmares
3. Small ailments that don’t seem to get better
4. Scratches or cuts that cannot be explained
5. Unexplainable stress
6. Unexplainable runs of bad luck
7. Depression for no known reason

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