Some people believe that we don’t disappear after we die, but that our spirits live on in various forms. Ouija boards have been used since the end of the 19th Century by anyone who felt the need to contact the dead. Could it be that there really is a force from the other side moving the pointer to spell out words and messages to the living? Witches who practice white magic believe that we are reincarnated time after time, until we have learned all we can from our lives on Earth. Believers in past life regression suggest that they have lived before, and that their memories were revealed under hypnosis. How is it they can recall things that happened way before they were even born? Others claim that during transfiguration séances they have seen the faces of loved ones who have died when a medium has gone into a deep trance and allowed the features of the spirits of the dead to appear over their own faces.

Ouija Boards
Ouija boards. The Ouija board is usually a rectangular piece of masonite or wood about eighteen inches long and twelve inches wide. It has printed upon it the numbers zero through nine, the letters of the alphabet, the words "yes" and "no" opposite upper corners, and the word "goodbye" at the bottom. To operate the board, usually two people sit facing each other with their fingers resting lightly on a tripod (a heart shaped piece of wood with a hole in the middle through which you see the letters as it moves across the board). They ask questions; the tripod moves, seemingly by means of a controlling intelligence, and spells out the answers.

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