According to Christianity
According to Christianity the good go to heaven, where they enjoy a state of eternal bliss, while the wicked go to hell, where they are subjected to unspeakable torments. In the Middle Ages, Catholics added an intermediate place, purgatory, where sinners who repented in life are punished in order that they might expiate for their sins before being admitted to paradise. The Protestant and Orthodox faiths do not recognize the concept of purgatory.

According to ISLAM
Islam states that those who do not believe in a single God are destined to burn in hell. When a person dies, his soul is questioned by two angels, who ask it to recite the profession of faith (shahada): if it is not able to do so, it is damned. On the Day of Judgement (the last day), human beings will be judged by God: the deserving will enjoy the grace of contemplating the face of God.

According to many Religions
Many religions maintain that the soul must go through a long series of reincarnations before attaining liberation, in other words the end of the cycle of rebirth. Belief in the transmigration of souls is a characteristic feature of the religions of the Hindu group.

According to HIDUS nd JAINAS
Hindus and Jainas believe that at death every creature is reincarnated in another body, animal, vegetable or human. The succession of existences is seen as a dramatic problem from which one desires to be delivered. Deliverance - or moksha - consists in the discovery of the illusory nature of one's own individual identity (atman), in order to merge again with Brahman, the indivisible One..

According to BUDDHISTS
According to Buddhists,for 49 days after death the individual wanders between the land of the dead and that of the living; after this period the mechanism of karma decides in which body it will be reincarnated. As is the case for Hindus, the ultimate goal of Buddhists is to put an end to the uninterrupted cycle of rebirths and to attain the extinction of suffering, or nirvana.

According to SIKHS
Sikhs also believe in reincarnation, although in their view deliverance does not consist in the extinction of the self, but in the rejoining of the soul with God.

According to me
Nothing happens.....Dead body is just dead..there is nothin else.

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    I was reincarnated as a cat, great life. Napoleon

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