I wrote ur name on a paper bt by an accident i threw it away.I wrote ur name on my hand bt i washed it the nxt day.Ii wrote ur name in the sand bt the waves washed it away.Iwrote ur name in my heart n forever it will stay

U can fall in the water,
u can fall off a tree bt the best way to fall is to fall in luv with ME !!

True luv is like ghosts,
everyone talks abt
bt very few have seen

They say it takes a min 2 find a special person,
an hour 2 appreciate them,
a day 2 to luv them bt then an intire life 2 forget them

luv makes life so confusing bt wid out luv wud u reely want to live

Luv ur frds as they luv u bt neva hate 'em,wen they hate u,give ur smile to every1 bt give ur heart to only one

Life Is For Living, I Live For You Songs Are For Singing, I Sing For You.. Love Is For Carrying, I Care For You.. Angels Are For Keeping, Can I Keep You....?**

Perfact love is not receiving, it is giving and forgiving. perfact love is not red roses on valentine day, its the rest of 364 days of knowing you love someone. .

What's the difference
between your and my smile??

U smile when you are happy
and I smile when you are happy.

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