DA VINCI CODE THEORY: Jesus had a secret marriage with Mary Magdalene that produced a royal bloodline.
TRUTH: This fictional account is primarily based upon one solitary verse in the Gnostic Gospel of Philip. However, scholars believe the correct interpretation of the verse simply means that Jesus and Mary were companions. Since the Gospel of Philip is a forged document written 150-220 years after Christ by an unknown author, its statement about Jesus couldn’t be an eyewitness account. No serious scholar contends that Jesus and Mary were married, let alone had a child.

: Jesus’ divinity was invented by Constantine and church bishops at the Council of Nicaea in 325 A. D.
TRUTH: Ancient New Testament manuscripts such as the Gospel of John clearly speak of Jesus’ divinity at least 100 years before the Council of Nicaea. Furthermore, letters from early church fathers, and other historical documents confirm that Christians worshipped Jesus as God at least 200 years before Constantine convened the bishops.

DA VINCI CODE THEORY: Constantine personally selected the books we have in the New Testament. Thus the accounts of Jesus we read today are forgeries written by unknown writers.
TRUTH: Evidence is irrefutable that the books in today’s New Testament were widely believed to be the words of the apostles at least 200 years prior to the Council of Nicaea. Constantine did authorize 50 new Bibles to be written, but the books they contained had already existed for at least two centuries.

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