Spelling game
One day Little Johnny's teacher decided to play a spelling game where she gave a letter of the alphabet and the kids have to spell a word starting with that letter and then use it in a sentence. Starting with A Little Johnny's hand is continually in the air, but the teacher ignores him, because she afraid he'll be rude again.

"Yes, Susan?" says the teacher.

"Miss, A is for Ape, A-P-E, An ape likes bananas" says little Susan.

"Excellent " says the teacher, she goes on through the alphabet.

Finally she reach F. Now she will NOT let Little Johnny answer this under any circumstances so she asks Mary.

"F is for Fairy F-A-I-R-Y, they're little girls who lives among the flowers" says Mary.

"Great" says the teacher, "now we get to G".

Suddenly only Little Johnny has his hand up so the teacher thinks about this and decides G is a 'safe' one.

"Yes Johnny?"

"Miss G is for Gnome G-N-O-M-E. A Gnome lives among the flowers too".

"Johnny! That's Excellent!" Exclaims the teacher, being very happy that for once he wasn't out of line.

"Yes Miss he's the one who fucks the Fairies!" replies Little Johnny.

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