World's best saying by Henry Ford:
Progress isnt made by early risers or hard workers.
Bt by LAZY ppl,trying 2 find easier ways 2 do d same.

Formula to keep up a sweet relationship : 'Be the first one to say sorry,when the other persn seems to b hurt bcoz of u.& b the first one to forgive,if a
person says sorry to EGO clash nd a wondrful sweet relationship 4ever guaranteed.. .. .

Every bad situation will have something positive..
even a stopped clock shows correct time twice a day..
think of this and lead ur life

Kabhi patjhar me phool khil jate hain,
kabhi basant me phool gir jate hain,
kuch laashon ko to kafan bhi naseeb nahin hota,
kuch pe taj mahal ban jate hain....

Heated Gold becomes ornament,Beated Copper becomes Wires,So d more pain U get in life U become more 'VALUABLE"!

Giv laugh to all
bt smile to one....
Giv cheeks to all
bt lips to one.....
Giv love to all
bt heart to 1....
Let everybody love U,
Bt U love 1..........

Never be sad for missing whatever U expected but be happy since god made U to realize that those EXPECTATIONS aren't worth Ur LIFE!!!!!!!!!

for the sake of the world
is more than one word
for all eternity
for it'll be purity
trust for it'll maske friends
until the end
but most importantly
for it's cure to the heart
and it'll never part.

D value of life does not depend on d length of time on dis Earth bt rather on d amnt of love given & shared wid ppl V care abt

Heartbreaks will last as long as U want & Cut as deep as U allow them to go. The challenge is not how to survive heartbreaks but to learn from them.

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