Remember the time when there was this Plague fever spread out.. All the people trying to come out with innovative suggestions for eliminating the rats..

There were various suggestions but one was the funniest but witty. The guy came up with "We'll keep a kaju and a burfi outside each rat hole on either side and a blade at the exit so that the rat peeps his head out and.. 'Kaju khaun ya burfi khaun, Kaju khaun ya Burfi khaun' It'll nod heis head and it gets died by the blade."

Everyone seemed to be satisfied but our great Santa. He says, "Costly Affair" True. So he comes up with "No Kaju.. and nothing.. We'll just keep a blade there. The rat comes out and 'Kaju nahi Burfi bhi nahi, Kaju nahi Burfi bhi nahi'" (Obviously with a nod)

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