Orbs are circular balls of light that sometimes appear in photographs and videos, and are often considered to be some sort of paranormal manifestation of ghosts in the area. Although it's easy to dismiss these orbs as specks of dust on the camera lens, a recent story makes the compelling argument that they are indeed spirits. A Taiwan cemetery caretaker was watching footage from a security camera placed at the No 1 Cemetery in Changhua County, west Taiwan, when he noticed several white dots appear on the monitor. Thinking someone had broken into the cemetery, he ran out to check but found no one. Later, the security camera caught the white dots again. That very day, digging work for a construction project had uncovered an unclaimed corpse buried nearly five feet underground. Over the next two days, a total of 18 unclaimed and previously unknown corpses had been dug up. The cemetery worker believed the dead people were trying to tell him, through their ghosts, that they wanted a proper burial.

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