1. Do you know why girls don't keep their mobiles in shirt pocket?
B'coz can't get signals near hills & mountains

2. Do you know why boys keep their mobiles in pant pockets?
B'coz signals are high near the tower....

3. Chemistry ke teacher ne Ek ladki ko poocha...
Teacher:: What are nitrates?
Ladki:: Ladki ne Sharmate hue jawab diya ""2500/- plus hotel room

4. Q:: What is the difference between pulling a curtain and panty ?
A:: When you pull a curtain, ""It means that the show is over"".
But, pulling down a pan ty means ""It's show time"".

India is our nation,
Girls are our destination,
Flirting is our Profession,
Dating is our Occupation,
to hell with our Education.

Fraud with innocent boys;
Fun with Handsome boys;
Friendship with Smart boys;
Love with Faithful boys;
Marriage with Rich boys.

7. Lady asked the time to a Sardar. He replied ""bra panties""
She slapped him and said, ""I asked you the time"".
Sardar said wahi tho ""BARAH PAINTEES"" <12:35>

8. Traveller to co-passenger on seeing her zip open:
""Madam, your lips are laughing"". She replied ""yeah, it wants a

9. A girl and boy sitting alone. The boy started touching the girl.
GIRL: Don't touch me, all this only after marriage...
BOY: OK, call me when you are married.

10. Sardar was driving with girlfriend to Chandigarh. He puts his hand on
her lap. She smiles and says, ""You
can go further dear"".

So, Sardar drives to SHIMLA.

11. A boy from third class asked his teacher, can a girl of my age have
She said, ""What? NEVER""
Boy told the girl sitting next, ""See, I told you not to worry""

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