Little Johnny comes home from school and bursts into the kitchen. "Mum - do you know any magic tricks? I need one for 'show and tell' at school tomorrow."

His mother replies "Nick off Little Johnny, I'm too busy making ya dinner, go ask your Father."

Little Johnny bolts into the kitchen and says "Dad! Do you know any magic tricks? I need one for 'show and tell' at school tomorrow."

Father replies "Rack off Johnny, I'm watching TV, Go ask you sister!"

Little Johnny runs upstairs and says "Hey sis! Got any magic tricks you can show me for show and tell tomorrow morning?"

Sis replies "Piss off Little Johnny - I don't have time for you - go bother your Uncle Benny next door!"

At this stage, Little Johnny is a bit disheartened but he goes to see Uncle Benny next door anyway.

"Uncle Benny, do you know any magic tricks - I really need one for show and tell tomorrow at school."

"As a matter of fact Little Johnny, I do know a magic trick" Came the reply.

"Really?! Show me" said Little Johnny.

"Ok" said Uncle Benny - "Now, this is my thumb. Have a close look and make sure that it's real and not a fake"

Little Johnny examines Uncle Benny's thumb carefully.

"Now" continued Uncle Benny "Pull down you trousers Little Johnny - and your underwear"

Little Johnny does this.

"Now turn around Little Johnny" continues Uncle Benny

Uncle Benny walks up to Little Johnny and says " Now Little Johnny, can you feel my thumb inside of you?"

"Yes I can" says Little Johnny

Uncle Benny says - "Well surprise - LOOK! - no hands!!"

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