Little Johnny was in school one day, intently listening to his teacher talk about Mathematical equations and whatnot. Suddenly he raised his hand. "Mrs. Theresa! Mrs. Theresa! I have to go potty!!!"

He shouted at her from across the room. "Fine, go, but hurry back and next time raise your hand!"

Johnny rushed to the bathroom and let out a sigh as he relieved himself. He was in there for quite a while. Finally, he finished and reached over to grab some toilet paper only to find there was none. Somewhat embarassed, he used his hand but did not wash it off. He hurried back to class, his hands covering the mess so nobody could see.

The teacher looked over at Johnny as he entered. "Johny, what do you have in your hands?" She inquired frustratedly.

"A little leprechaun, and if I open my hands, he'll get scared and run away..." He replied.

The teacher was already angry with Johnny. "That's it! Go to the principles office!!"

Johnny reluctantly retreated. He walked slowly to the principle's office, sitting in one of the comfortable chairs by his desk. "Johnny..." The principle tried to remain calm. "What do you have in your hand?"

Johnyy replied with the same leprechaun line, and was abruptly sent home to be dealt with by his Father.

"Johnny, you've caused a lot of trouble today..." He said. "What is in your hand??"

"A little leprechaun, and if I open my hands, he'll get scared and run away!"

His father then pried his hands open, exposing the stuff inside. "Look dad!" Johnny grinned at his father's expression. "You scared the SHIT out of him!"

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