Little Johnny hears his parents fighting, "You Bitch, You Basterd" and little Johnny says, "What does that mean?" "Grandma and Grampa son, Grandma and Grampa." So then he goes and plays out side and hears these people talking, "Yeah so I said c’mon stick your dick in my pussy." He says, "What is dick and pussy." The people turn around surprised and quickly say, "hat and coat."
Then he goes upstairs to find his dad shaving. His dad cuts himself and says, "SHIT!" "What does that mean Daddy?" "Oh, um, shaving cream." Then little Johnny goes down stairs to see his mom stuffing the turkey. Her ring gets caught and she says, "FUCK!" Little Johnny says, "What does that mean Mommy?" "Stuffing son, stuffing." Then the doorbell rings and Johnny goes to open it. It’s his grandparents. Little Johnny says "Hi Bitch, hi Basturd, can I take your dick and pussy? Dad’s upstairs putting shit all over his face and Mom’s in the kitchen fucking the turkey!"

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