Two frogs live in a river - Toady and Frogy

Jhony's GF comes there everyday to take a bath.
Toady is the naughty one and visits Jhony's GF's vagina everyday.
Frogy watches him return dancing and singing everyday. Curiously Frogy asks Toady, "is that fun ??"

Toady: "See 4 yourself !! "

Next day Toady allows Frogy to go and have the pleasure. After a While Frogy returns. He was badly bleeding.
"what happened" asks Toady.
Frogy: "I was inside the heaven when suddenly a stick came and wacked me badly"
(That was Jhony's penis)

Toady: "never mind, take this bottle of acid and pour it on the stick tomorrow and it will never come back"

Next day (very happy) Frogy moves towards the vagina. After a while he comes back again bleeding badly.

Toady: "Hey ! did u notpour the acid?"
Frogy: "I Did, but the stupid stick was wearing a raincoat"

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