Kagaz pe humne zindagi likhdi,
Aaskho se seenchkar har khusi likhdi,
dard jab humne ubhara lafzo pe,
Logo ne kaha...
Wah ! kya gazallikhdi...

Swimming with the flow needs no effort.
Swimming against it needs effort.
"Don't go the way life takes u.
Take life the way u want it to."

The best victory is when the opponent
surrenders of its own accord before
there r any actual hostilities....
It is best to win without fighting.

Everyone has talent.
What is rare is the courage to follow
the talent to the dark place where
it leads.

Have a gud Day

If we desire to blossom like
a ROSE in the garden of life,
Then we must learn the art
of adjusting with "Thorns"...

Do not attempt to do a thing
unless u are sure of yourself;
but don't relinquish it simply because
someone else is not sure of u.

Instead of feeling inferior
because someone else can
do something u cannot do,
concentrate on what you
can do that others cannot.

Don't waste your time with
jealousy. Sometimes you are ahead,
sometimes behind.The race is long
and in the end its only with urself.

"If people talk behind your back
wat does that mean???" Simple it
means "You are two steps ahead of them."
Keep Smiling...Think positive.

A person cn explain color to a blind,.
can explain anything in life.

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