HUMMING BIRD - (RUBY-THROATED)--------------------------------
MASS: About 3-4g (a nickel weighs about 5g).

LENGTH: About 8.5cm (3.5") from tip of bill to tip of tail

WING BEATS: About 60-80 times per second in normal flight, up to 200 times per second in courtship dives

SPEED: Normal flight about 25mph; up to 65kph (40mph) in a courtship dive
HEARTBEATS: About 250 times per minute while at rest, about 1,220 per minute while flying

BREATHING: About 250 breaths per minute while at rest

BODY TEMPERATURE: 40.5 degrees C (105-108 degrees F)

FEATHERS: A typical Hum-bird has 940 feathers.

FEED RATE: Eats about its weight in nectar or sugar water each day.

AVERAGE AGE: Most hummingbirds die within their first year; those that don't
probably live an average of 3 years or so

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