THE three days of the Grand Prix event at Silverstone generate some interesting facts and statistics.

The 20,000 bottles of mineral water consumed during the Grand Prix would fill up 150 spa pools.

The G-Force of 3.5 experienced by Formula 1 drivers is the same as that encountered by astronauts during take-off.

2,800 bottles of champagne will be drunk over the three days.

A team of 100 medical staff, including 40 doctors, will be on site to deal with any medical problems among the competitors and visitors.

There will be more than 600 highly-trained volunteer track side marshals on duty around the track. This includes 290 fire and course marshals, 75 flag marshals, 50 observers and 30 incident officers.

If Lewis Hamilton takes the chequered flag at the Grand Prix he will become the first British driver to win his home Grand Prix in his debut season.

15,000 litres of paint will be used in

preparation for Silverstone's biggest event of the year, which is enough to cover 30 Boeing 747s.

1,796 catering staff will work at the Grand Prix including 98 chefs, 842 hospitality staff and 757 mobile catering staff.

The Grand Prix generates approximately £65 million annually for the local economy.

Formula 1 drivers will lose an average of 4kg in weight during the British Grand Prix.

Since 1950 the British Grand Prix at Silverstone has been won 15 times by a British driver.
480 loud speakers are used at the three-day event.

The average speed of a Formula 1 car around Silverstone is 135mph.

The track is 3.194 miles long and 15m wide. Drivers will complete 60 laps during the British Grand Prix, which is 191.64 miles in total.

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