FRIEND SHIP is like a war..
easy to start.
difficult to end and
immposible to forget.
so im on a war with u. never leave u in peace..

.S:- Sets u Free.
.M:- Makes u Special
.I:- Increases ur Face value
.L:- Lifts up ur Spirit
.E:- Erases all ur Tensions

Feeling is a painting, never spoil it.
Face is book, try to read it.
Lov is precious,be ready to sacrifice it.
friend ship mirror,never break it...

tere "LOVELY LOVELY" words ne,
mere "CHARMY CHARMY" heart koo itna EFFECT kiya,
maine sabko "REJECT" karke
TUMKO mera "BEST FRIEND" select kiya..

A star fell down from heaven & landed in my life.
I touched the star and it be came my friend.
It brighted my life and made me new..

Stars are unapproachable,
Sun is very hot...
Moon is too far...
So God gave me a friend like you so that I can say 'I've my own little Universe'

When things go bad & ur strength is no longer enough 2 carry on don't give up, coz where ur strength ends my worth as ur Friend begins.

There is a gift that gold cannot buy, a blessing dats rare & true, that's the gift of a wonderful person coming into ur life like I have in u!

God Apun Se Poocha,
Kidher Jana Maangta ?
Apun Bola HELL!
Apun Ko Malum, Tum Dost Log Udharich Milen Ga.
Bole To Jahan Tum FRIENDS LOG, Woich Apun Ke HEAVEN!!!

A friend is one who for gives bfore u say sorry.
understands before u even starts explaining.
waits forever when u say 1 min &
stays when u say leave me alone......

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