Make money from your mobile.
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MGinger sends advertise through SMS to your mobile phones and pays for every SMS you read.
Believe me its not fake. It's working.
MGinger will send a maximum of 10 SMS per day.
And for every SMS MGinger will pay 20 paise.
You may think what will you make with such a little amount, but thats not a right thought. You will also get paid for the people you refer.
Get 20 paisa for every ad you receive
Get 10 paisa for every ad your friends receive
Get 5 paisa for every ad your friend's friends receive
In this way, if you refer 10 people who will refer another
10 people each you will be getting Rs.1 ,860 per month.
And the more people you refer the more you earn.

If you refer 100 people you earn Rs.18,060 per month.

If you refer 1000 people you earn Rs 15,030,060 per month.

mGinger is very young and is still in beta stage. So, take this opportunity by registering earlier and earn more money by being top in the friend's tree.
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