i m not saying that this happened but this theory can be seen in the ancient Egyptian civilization, area 51 in america, mythological stories and ancient sculptures from old civilization.

there is a story about area 51 and S4( btw these are highly secret air force base 15 south of los angeles, USA).

they say that area 51 has a live alien in there and from that alien, they came to know that human evolution from an ape to homo sapien was not natural.... these aliens have always visited our planet and helped us to evolve this far. That alien also told that they had their personal interests in doing so. the alien mentioned that we humans are containers of something for them.

one more thing that is of very importance here is:

till few years back we used to think that Egyptian civilization is 5000 years old but now more and more proofs are coming in front of us that makes Egyptian civilization to be around 35,000 year old.... and
according to egyptologists: Egypt was at it height 35000 years back and from that point the civilization degraded which is very anti- evolutionary. The pyramids they built were so accurate that they were aligned to stars of Orion constellation with pin point accuracy that we can barely match today.....

its true..... if we try to replicate Great Pyramid of Gizah - we cant ......!

this is the whole mystery that how could they move such objects like stones of 2-3 tons and stack over each others upto the height of pyramids we see today.... it is evident that they were far superior from us in technology.........

scientists and researchers strongly believe there was another civilization known as "ATLANTIS" which existed even before Egyptian civilization. Atlantis is supposed to be 100 times advanced from us.

If Egyptian civilization was most advanced at the start of the civilization as i mentioned earlier then by logic they must have inherited that knowledge and technology from "somewhere" but this "somewhere" is big question which is yet to be answered but mostly it is believed based on the interpretation of scripts from pyramid walls that we had some sort of link with extra-terrestrials who were way advanced from us and used to help us survive.

well right now i cant write all the things related to this but there are hell lotta things that i can tell here to make you fell like "man what the fuc* happened in our distant past."

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