This guy on a train asks the guy opposite him who is a typical south indian "Kya aap chinni hain" (chinese for the unintiated)

the southie replies "No" ..

Five minutes later, the same question .. "Kya aap chinni hain"

The southie a little agitated says "No" ..

ten minutes later his question again .. "Kya aap chinni hain ??"

The southie again .. a little more agitated .. "NO NO"

some time later the question again ..
"Kya aap chinni hain ??"

The southie goes .. "ek baar bola na .. nahin !!"

20 minutes into the journey .. "Kya aap chinni hain ??"

"arrrrgh ... nahin" the southie goes ..

another twenty minutes later just when the southie is near his bedtime and wants to go right to sleep comes the question "Kya aap chinni hain ??"

By now the guy has made up his mind and thinks .. "yeh baar to haan bol donga .. mera pichha to jhod dega"

"Haan .. main chinni houn" the southie goes ..

The guys is bewildered and with a look of shock comes up with .. ...
"Magar bhai sahib, aap chinni lagte to nahin hain !!!!"

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