Once a wife wanted to surprise her husband on his birthday.
She thought of many ideas when finally one clicked her mind.
Her husband called her his butterfly,so se thought of getting her both the butts tattoed for butterflies,and thought that her husband will be stunned to see her wife's butts with butterflies.
She went to a tatto maker and asked to tatto her butts.
He said that it was not possible to tatto both the butts in one sitting.
Since she did not have time so she thought of getting only the letter B on each of her butts.
She went home and waited for her husband.
The husband came home. She out of her sheer excitement, took him to bed room and after erotic oral stuff....pulled down her panties turned around and bent down.
"I want to show u someting hiney!!!"She said..

"Holy Shit" Cried her husband...."Now will u tell me who the fucking bastard is this BOB????!!!!"

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