Little johnny returns home from school with his friend clark.
Little Johnny,"Mom dad im home!"
All of a sudden father appears from the wash room,he seems to be in a hurry
he give away 3muffins to johnny n 3 to his friend clark and tells them go n play
outside me n ur mommie R kinda busy.....
johnny with his friend leave the house....
on there way to the backyard clark says,"hay johnny let me show u something,u come with me"
clark takes him to the window an both peep into it......
clark,"look johnny ur father is gonna undress ur mother!"
johnny,"no way man,this is not possible"
clark,"i can bet on bet!"
johnny,"ok i'll give away one of my muffin"
johnny's father takes johnny's mother to the bed n undressess her....
clark,"look johnny u lost a muffin".
clark again,"johnny see ur fathers gonna undress himself"
johnny,"no way man not possible!"
clark,"we can bet on it buddy!"
johnny,"ok muffin again!"
johnny's father started undressing himself.....
clark,"johnny here goes another muffin to papa!!!!!"
clark again,"hay buddy;now ur fathers gonna put his villy in ur mother's sponge!"
johnny,"dude im gonna win this time;muffin it iz!"
as johnny's father with fully erected villy started to pull his thing in johnny's mom...
johnny lost his temper and yelled,"hay u mother fucker stop it ive already lost 2fuckin

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