At least 9 out 10 Nigerians attend church regularly. Only 4 out of 10 Americans claim to do so.

Americans are 15% more innovative than the Japanese. But the Japanese have 3.5 times more patents.

US tops the world in plastic surgery procedures. Next comes Mexico.

Nine out of ten women in Ethiopia give birth at home.

The ten most generous countries are all in Europe.

There are three persons living per room in Pakistan. Married life must be complicated!

More than half the people in Mali start working before they are 10 years old. Time spent in school is less than 2 years.

Americans have the world's highest marriage rates, divorce rates, teenage pregnancies and one person households. Go figure.

0.7% of Americans are currently in prison.

Are you a teacher? Head to Switzerland. Salaries there start at $33,000 US.

Members of the armed forces and the police cannot vote in the Dominican Republic.

Got a parking ticket in Finland? Better just pay up - it is the least corrupt nation in the world.

More than 20% of the votes in the last elections in Argentina were invalid.

You can be imprisoned for not voting in Fiji, Chile and Egypt.

Americans top the world in the category of crimes. They also have the greatest number of burglaries, car thefts, rapes and assaults.

Saudi diplomats have 367 outstanding parking fines in Britain.

Around 1 in 3 persons in Australia is a victim of crime.

The average criminal sentence length is 137 years in Columbia.

There are more than 2 jails for every 1000 men in Maldives.

Russia has almost twice the number of judges and magistrates as compared to US, but US has 8 times more crimes committed than Russia.

In the 1990's, nearly half of all arms exported to developing countries came from America.

Venezuela is one of the happiest and most murderous places in the world.

22% of American women aged 20 gave birth while in their teens. In Switzerland and Japan, only 2% did so.

Mexican women spend 15.3% of their life in ill health.

On average, women in New Zealand do not give birth until they are 30 years old.
41% world's poor people live in India.

Half of Indonesia's primary school teachers are under 30 years of age.

The women of Iceland earn two-thirds of their nation's university degrees.
Two-thirds of the world's kidnappings occur in Colombia.

America puts many more of its citizens in prison than any other nation.
22% of New Zealanders have used cannabis.

Moldova has one of the smallest artillery forces in Europe, and the highest rate in the world of death by powered lawnmower. Coincidence? Surely not.

The fourteen unhappiest countries are all in Eastern Europe.

Two-thirds of the world's executions occur in China.

More than a third of the time, Icelanders don't show up for work. Perhaps that's why they're the world's happiest nation.

62% of Bulgarians describe themselves as either 'not very' or 'not at all' happy.
There are 22 countries where more than half the population is illiterate. Fifteen of them are in Africa.

72% of people in Mali earn less than $1 per day.

Contrary to the popular rhyme, the rain falls mainly on Guinea.

Almost the entire Cook Islands are covered by forest.

Canada lays claim to more water than any other nation.

Nearly a quarter of people in Monaco are over 65.

Australians have a huge 380,000 sq m of land per person - and yet 91% live in urban areas.

Per capita, South Africa has the most assaults, rapes, and murders with firearms.

Sri Lanka has lowest divorce rate in the world - and the highest rate of female suicide.

Brazil takes up 47.8% of South America.

The four largest nations are Russia, China, USA, and Canada.

Indonesia has the most known mammal species - and the most mammal species under threat.

Japan's water has a very high dissolved oxygen concentration - but not enough to prevent drowning in the bath.

People might eat oats when they're hungry, but people from Hungary don't eat oats.

Looking for geniuses? Head straight to Iceland. There are more than 3.5 Nobel Prize Winners for every million Icelanders.

In 2002, every 1000 Swedes made a bus.

Malaysia has the lowest rate of cinema attendance in the world. is now 40 times the size of the CIA World Factbook!

The Mall in Washington, D.C. is 1.4 times larger than Vatican City.

If you thought Antarctica was inhospitable, think again - its land area is only 98% ice. Reassuringly, the other 2% is categorised as 'barren rock'.

One in three adults aged 15-49 are infected with HIV/AIDS in Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Swaziland.

Russia won the first World Air Games, held in Turkey in 1997. Events included hang-gliding, sky-surfing, and ballooning.

Libya is the only country with a single-coloured flag.

Kazakhstan is the world's largest landlocked country.

Hungarians die of cancer much, much more often than Finns.

Many Americans live alone - America leads the world in one person households.

Danish workers strike 150 times more than their German neighbours.

Around 1992, Saudi Arabia overtook the United States as the world's largest oil producer.

Japan has 53 working nuclear reactors and is planning to build another 12.

American adults have been educated for the longest time.

Three quarters of Japanese kids read comics.

Japanese and South Korean kids are the best at science and maths.

English speaking kids are the biggest novel readers but are the least enthusiastic comics readers.

Former enemies, the Americans and Russians now have a great deal in common - they both lead the world in locking people up.

On the probability of not reaching 40 graph, the top 34 countries are all African.

Swedes and Norweigans rank top 5 for both providing aid and exporting weapons.

South America is unusual in that it is both urbanized and poor.

Belgium is the only country in the world where women dominate the ministry.

The top 8 most developed countries all speak Germanic languages. Every such country is in the top 20.

Southern European women hugely outnumber their menfolk amongst the unemployed.

American women have the most powerful jobs.

Women are flooding into the workforce in many Muslim countries.

Looking for Czech and Slovak men? Half are in factories.

Ethopians are by far the most agricultural people on earth (both men and women)

Kenyan women work 35% longer than their menfolk.

Guatamalan women work 11.5 hours a day, while South African men work only 4.5.

Almost half of Ecuador is protected.

Finns are perhaps the world's greatest athletes, ranked first at summer olympics and third in winter games.

Aussies picked up the most medals each at the Sydney Olympics, which brings them into the all time top 11.

Qataris have lots and lots of gas.

Guinea has the wettest capital on Earth with 3.7 metres of rain a year.

Mexico has the most Jehovah's Witnesses per capita in the OECD.

Want your kids to stay in school? Send them to Norway.

Most Zambians don't live to see their 40th birthday.

Nearly 1% of Montserrations are police.

You're 66 times more likely to be prosecuted in the USA as in France.

In Australia, there's plenty of open road. Which is just as well, because you wouldn't want to park your car.

Top per capita importing and exporting nations tend to be a little small.

The top 5 energy consumers are all cold countries. The next 6 are mostly oil producers.

The United States consumes more energy than India, the Middle East, South America, Africa, South East Asia and Oceania combined - which means more than 3.1 billion people.

The United States has the most money, power, airports, cell phones, radios and ISP's.

South Korea is the heliport capital of the world.

Single guys should check out The Virgin Islands. Apart from sounding good, it has five women to every four men!

Sick of crowds? Try Greenland where there's 38 sq km per person.

Senior gentlemen might consider a trip to Russia, where there's two over 65 women for every man.

Only two countries in the world are doubly landlocked: Liechtenstein and Uzbekistan.
Most people live in poverty in most African countries.

If you like kids, then Uganda might be the place for you. Half the population is under 15!

The United States spends more money on its military than the next 12 nations combined.

Americans and Icelanders go to the pictures on average 5 times a year, while Japanese go only once.

The USA has more personal computers than the next 7 countries combined.
Indians go out to the movies 3 billion times a year.

Luxembourgers are the world's richest people - and also the most generous.
North Korea spends the most of its GDP on its military.

Israel enjoys a GDP per capita 21 times that of the Palestinian West Bank and 33 times that of the Gaza Strip. Its military spending per capita tops the world.

Clipperton Island wins our prize for the most unusual looking country.

China has the most workers, so it's a good thing they've also got the most TV's.

China's labor force stands at 706 million people, almost three times that of Europe and twice that of North and South America combined

Andorrans live the longest, four years longer than in neighbouring France and Spain.

Andorra has no unemployment, which is just as well because they have no broadcast TV channels either.

The Czech republic has more Internet Service Providers than any other non-English speaking country.

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