1 Michael jackson is the biggest selling recording artist of all times, with album sales up to 200 million, which includes THRILLER, the best selling album of all times.

2 Michael was the first rock star to appear on a postage stamp. His likeness graced the mail in the British Virgin Islands.

3 Quincy once described Michael by saying "sometimes I think Michael is from a different planet

4 According to Michael being on stage is the safest place on earth for him

5 Michael has had two perfumes named after him. All proceeds from the sales of "Mystique de Michael Jackson" and "Legende de Michael Jackson" went to charity

6 Michael jackson's video billie jean was the first music video by an african-american to air on MTV in 1984.

7 Michael Jackson has record for most donations by a pop star. summing up to 40 million dollars

8 Scream video by MJ and janet is the most expensive music video ever made.

9 Michael Jackson played multiple characters in the short-film GHOSTS.

10 Michael Jackson first did the moonwalk in the 1983 motown show.

11 Michael Jackson had two music videos for THEY DONT CARE ABOUT US.. one was banned due to violence.

12 YOU ARE NOT ALONE was the first ever song to debut at no.1 on the billboard charts.

13 MJ's music video of earth song was shot in 4 continents.

14 MJ had a cameo in the hit motion picture MEN IN BLACK2.

15 in 1984 michael jakson signed a record deal with PEPSI for a reported 50 million dollars.

16 over 1000 lawsuits have been filed aginst michael jackson, most of them in which people are just trying to get to see MJ

17. mj's Ghost video is the longest music video

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