Pigs can never look at the sky.

sharon stone has an iq of 154 making placing her in the top 1% of americans wrt iq

the group linkin park originally intended to call themselves lincoln park,because they had to travel through it daily to reach the studio.but the website lincoln-park was already registered..so they changed the spelling

larry page is still 'on leave' from stanford while doing his phd

in the movie ben hur..in the chariot scene you can actually see a red car in the background

W.G.Grace is the only person to have got out for every score between 0 to 100

Linus (of linux fame) was named in honour
of both two time nobel laureate Linus Pauling and the character in the comic strip peanuts

In the height of his madness the american billionare Howard Hughes employed close to 50 doctors,while not listening to anything they had to say!

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