Little Johnny's father decided it was time for 14-year-old Little Johnny, to discover the facts of life. He takes him to the local house of ill repute, which is fronted by a beauty parlor.

He introduces Little Johnny to the madam, and explains that it's time for his indoctrination to sex. The madam says, "You've been such a good customer over the years, I'm going to see to this personally."

So she takes Little Johnny by the hand and leads him upstairs, where she completes his deflowering. Later, as they are walking downstairs the madam says, "Since this is your first time, I'm going to see that you get the full treatment before you leave. I'm going to give you a manicure."

Two weeks later, Little Johnny and his father run into the madam on the main street. The madam smiles and says, "Well, Little Johnny, don't you remember me?"

"Yes, " Little Johnny stammers, "you're the bitch who gave me crabs and then cut my fingernails so I couldn't scratch 'em!"

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